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We will provide a team of specialists to fully represent your company in an effort to generate leads and appointments with decision-makers along with further discussions to close the deal asap.

Inside sales is the trending & dominant sales model in B2B, Tech, SaaS, and a variety of B2C industries selling high-ticket items. Tech Manos has developed an expert Inside Sales team to serve our clients with more efficient methodologies.

Why Customers prefer the Inside Sales Model?

According to a sales survey, 70% of your customers don’t even want an in-person meeting. Key decision makers are quite receptive to doing business remotely. Infact 78% of decision makers polled have taken an appointment or attended an event that came from an email or cold call. The results are clear: your Buyers do not want to see you.

B2B deals can be complex (the average B2B deal includes an average of 5.4 decision makers). Closing those deals often requires inside sales teams, coordinate with managers, marketers and other branches of a business to move leads through the sales cycle. Tech Manos Inside Sales team is expert in handling the complex lead scenarios & has worked as an extended sales team for our clients to close the deal.

Why Tech Manos Inside Sales Service?

  • In almost 75% of sales situations, the prospect would prefer not to spend time meeting frequently face to face & they want to engage virtually with the sales team; Here Tech Manos IS team works as an extended arm of client & helps the ground sales team in closing the deal.
  • Your sales force can become up to 150% more efficient as they do not have to engage their crucial time in travelling
  • You are no longer a slave to geography, and can re-align your team by vertical, by tier, or by type of product sold
  • Inside Sales drives Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) out of your business model, which increases your profitability and may even allow you to re-evaluate your Average Sales Price (ASP) so you can gain entry into the marketplace at a more attractive point.
  • When you receive an inbound lead, our team allows you to engage the lead instantly. The data shows that if you do not contact an inbound lead before it is 30 minutes old, the likelihood of converting it to a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) plunges to near zero. Reaching out to leads at the end of the day does not work.
  • The single lever of Inside Sales is so powerful because it affects 3 critical areas: productivity, expense, and speed.
Inside Sales

We have trained and experienced inside sales specialists who are pro’s at learning your products and services. They specialize in being able to use that knowledge to prospect effectively in order to engage decision-makers, qualify their needs, and secure appointments on your behalf. We can deliver your message, uncover opportunities, and motivate high-level executives to take action.

While working as an Extended Saes team, our IS team commits to deliver:

  • Brand Protection
  • Immediate Revenue Generation
  • Reduced Cost of Sales
  • Sales Intelligence – Providing constant information from the field and management team.
  • Shorten Sales Cycle time and avoid many lower level influencers who often delay or even block the sales by restricting access to decision makers.
  • 360 Degree Program Review

Our Inside Sales team successfully deliver the blasting results because they capture what makes you different. We don’t rely on the same canned approach for every customer because every customer isn’t the same. We incorporate proven, innovative, and reliable practices that will get you up and running quickly, without the pain and cost of do-overs.

Typical demand generation companies fail to deliver with the same quality, control, and outcomes you would demand of your internal team. But, since we’re working with you, and not for you, our goals and standards are the same. Grab More Market Share with a Fast and Focused Team of Sales Scientists. Expand your sales reach and effectiveness with Tech Manos customizable and turnkey sales outsourcing services.

Sometimes, the most important part of selling is not selling. We deliver high-quality leads by focusing on a relationship-based approach to selling. Our passion for B2B inside sales coupled with our superior expertise and vast experience means our team is ready to help you rise up to any kind of sales challenge you might be faced with. Our inside sales teams are utilized by some of the largest companies of the world on one end and by small start-ups or virtual companies looking to buy (not build) a sales team on the other. For some we are their entire sales team for others just one critical portion of an overall sales strategy.

To meet the diverse needs of our varied clients, we offer flexible and adaptable engagement models that put our clients in a winning and low-risk situation. Our transparent processes ensure that you are always in 100% control and have access to the work status at any point of time. Our models are suitable for companies looking for easy scalability. Few of them are:

  • Qualified Lead Gen: The inside sales team works as an extended sales army for our client. We participate in the initial part of the sales cycle by generating a qualified lead & may help in any kind of follow-ups if required post the first meeting.
  • Qualified Lead Gen to Deal closure: The IS team works closely with the sales team in not only generating qualified leads but also give complete hand to hand support in closing the sales cycle.
  • Managed Services Model: When you need a managed service that takes complete ownership of your lead management process, then this is the right model for you. We look after the governance, management, execution, and support processes over a period of time. We offer a dedicated team that supports the entire cycle and works closely with your in-house team. This model is suitable for complex, long-term projects with dynamic requirements.
  • On-demand Support Model: When a business need arises, for instance, a business event or a marketing campaign, where you need sustained lead management efforts of a dedicated team over a short period of time, then this engagement model is a great solution. It offers the flexibility that you need and a team ready to work for your business requirements – right when you want.
  • Project Based Engagement: Based on the specifications provided by our clients, we deploy a team of experts who work on the project till its successful completion. The cost, time, and resources are predefined in this engagement model. This model is best suited in cases with fixed requirements and a precise scope of work.
  • Specific Account Engagement: If you want us to target a specific account in a limited timeline we can offer you this model. The best part of this association is no binding for our clients. Engage with us as n when need arise & can be for only one account or many.

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