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Our process involves client communication, client’s business, client’s competitors etc.

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Tech Manos Web development services caters to variety of clients to assure that their product & services get that aesthetic look and widest reach within the market.

Our expert team has been making a good collection of intuitive styles for all our elite customers across all industries and technology landscapes. This ability of providing intelligent and scalable results is endeavoured by our innovative designers & developers. The team includes consultants, whose core strength involves powerful, effective and innovative imaginative skills. They access to the newest graphic tools and transmission software packages that make mindful, aesthetic and useful communication materials.

Tech Manos team has the experience in building web applications. Our dedicated web app developers have successfully completed over 400 projects for a variety of industries and business domains, including e-Commerce, e-Learning, Analytics, Finance, Entertainment and more. Through the years, we have perfected our delivery processes and workflows to cope with constantly tight deadlines that are the hallmark of complex web development changing requirements and projects.

Quality process

Our process involves client communication, research on client’s business, research on client’s competitors and understand specific project requirements before we start. According to that direction we create innovative custom mock-ups and if everything is to your liking we'll move on to the build phase. This ensures us that our team is following the right path and working according to the client's vision.

Our specialization in website designing will provide you easy to use, responsive development solutions and impressive website but this only happens when you are also a part of the process.

Why We Need Website Development?

The first and foremost answer is why we develop website: To establish a presence. Close to 500 million people world-wide have access to the World Wide Web. No matter what your business is you can't ignore 500 million people. Even if you just conduct business within your community, you want to let people in that community know that you are interested in serving them in any way possible. If you don't, your competitors will.

You can also make business information available to everyone who wants it without any additional effort. You can give them answers to questions like: What are your hours? What do you do? How can someone contact you? Where are you located? What are today's specials? If you could keep your customers informed of every reason why they should do business with you, don't you think you could do more business? You can on the internet. Many companies are placing their entire catalogue of products on-line, and some have built elaborate database driven web applications that help web surfers buy their products and services and pay for them online.

In this short space, we have just lightly touched on the number of reasons to put your business on the web. The following are some more good reasons for getting your web site today.

  • To serve your customers!
  • To heighten public interest
  • To release Time Sensitive Material
  • To sell things!
  • To reach a highly desirable demographic market
  • To answer frequently asked questions
  • To stay in contact with sales people
  • To open international markets
  • To create 24 hour customer service
  • To allow feedback from customers
  • To reach the media
  • To reach the education and youth market
  • To reach any specialized market!

Our dedicated team start by asking what you hope to accomplish. It might be a one page website, CMS website or landing page design is the strategic direction needed to meet your goals, but we can work together to determine the best way to convert your visitors into customers.

We take care of everything related to your website; Whether your website is static or dynamic, we use latest techniques and technologies to produce beautiful websites and ecommerce stores.

Static Website

Our static web design services endeavour to showcase your business as well as service online that won’t require frequent updates.

Static Website Designing involves small as well as huge websites but with simple designs and without complex programming. Tech Manos provides static website designing services which is appealing and creative. These static websites allow businesses to explain their company's goals and objectives. We help you in planning, design, and development of your personal or corporate websites.

The main purpose of our static website designing services is to provide you with an online presence. This would help you to showcase your products and earn business. These website designs did not require databases, ecommerce systems or extensive custom coding.

Advantages at Static Website Designing

Static website designs help websites to load faster and launch at a quick rate. A wide market is tapped by these kinds of websites. This is the best way to introduce your business in start. However, if you need regular updates on your website you can shift to our dynamic website designing services.

The huge volume of expertise and technical talent of our team makes our designs unique and excellent. Time constraint while website designing is one of the key factors which we always keep in mind. So, if you want your business to discover new horizons, just move your step forward to us and we will satisfy you according to your designing needs.

Main factors which we consider while preparing for Static Website are:

  • Perfect Design Interface
  • Fast Downloading
  • Overall Consistent Designs
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Search Engine Friendly Navigation

Dynamic Website

We are pioneers in the Dynamic Web site designing. With cut throat competition, it is desirable for companies to go for Dynamic web site designing. Your web site is your mirror image of the enterprise. In nutshell, it explains the company’s goal and its very reason for its existence. A rightly designed web site not only acts as your ambassador in the web world but also provides you positive response to your business. Tech Manos provides you with best dynamic web site at the most economical cost. Dynamic Website is the need of the hour and if your company has much information, events or press release that it wants to share in public then dynamic website is the best option. We are actively engaged in the development and designing of database driven dynamic websites with an eye catchy and interactive interface where you can make changes on real time basis. Some features of our dynamic web design service are

  • A well laid out process right from the start till the end of the project.
  • Professional and unique visual layout.
  • Quick website loading time.
  • Easily accessible control panel.
  • Easy manual administration of images, texts and links.

Dynamic Web site changes as per the requirements provided by the user or the computer program. It displays varied contents each time the page is viewed. The page may change with time or as per the user who uses the site. There are two types of dynamic web pages viz. Client side scripting, that generates client side content at the user end. Server side scripting are those web pages that vary when the web page is loaded or visited like that of shopping carts, submission forms etc. Dynamic web site enables to update the information frequently.

At Tech Manos, our professionals are proficient in the Dynamic website designing services as required by the client. We after research and understanding come out with effective designs that appeals to our client. Our entire efforts are directed as per the guidelines given by the client and create the things as per his understandings and wave length.

With rapid advancement of technology, static websites are quickly getting overshadowed by dynamic websites mostly because of the numerous tools and options available for development, customized as per the business needs. The best part about such websites is that they can be easily updated and maintained in-house without the need to hire experts for the job. Though static websites can still prove useful for small businesses dealing with simple services and products but when it comes high interactivity, static websites certainly do not match up to the requirements. Scalability and content update happen to be the two major issues with static websites which is easily taken care of by dynamic websites with different content management systems. Thus, it is quite clear that a dynamic website design is essential to maintain an online shopping site, collaborative content, online databases, knowledge base and more.

We are a premier dynamic web design company in India offering our services to numerous clients nationwide as well as worldwide. We build and design multi-tiered websites consisting of advanced features like integrated search engines, membership databases as well as specialized functionalities to meet the goals of your business.

Few Benefits of Dynamic Websites

  • Easy to add and manage content with the help of CMS (Content Management System).
  • Usually favoured by search engines as content can be updated frequently.
  • Dynamic content ensures that visitors are provided with an enhanced experience.
  • Easy accomplishment of complex tasks like presentation of customized sales information, multiple products display, estimation and quoting.
  • Integration of advanced features like shopping cart, payment gateway, etc.

Ecommerce Website Development

Anyone can create websites and do web marketing, but it takes extraordinary understanding to create an experience that draws visitors to select you over competitors. Just like you nurture your business every day and see it grow in front of your eyes, same way you can have your ecommerce website presence grow every day through our expertise. We not only create ecommerce website, we nurture it into brand. Tech Manos is confident to provide high quality web design services for Ecommerce industry.

Stepping into Ecommerce is a short-term need if you want to be a brand with global presence. When it comes to eCommerce websites, you need a partner that is focused and experienced in providing companies the best in professional e-Commerce web design solutions.

We've worked on hundreds of eCommerce projects and know what it takes to get sales. Utilizing responsive web design, our eCommerce website is optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet viewing. With platform features, such as unlimited products and categories, to a secure one- page checkout, we make online shopping easy for customers and easy to manage for merchants. From selling a product or subscription, to taking payments for a service, our team can develop the custom eCommerce website perfect for your business.

Why choose us for your ecommerce website development?

Tech Manos stand out from the competition by offering a rich and efficient user experience. Along with leaving a lasting impression in the minds of your customers we provide a contemporary and recognizable design.

How we can help you?

  • Our ecommerce configuration procedure will help you to increase your website conversion rates.
  • We will give online networking incorporation to help clients captivating with you on the web.
  • Our ecommerce content administration framework provides for you full control.
  • We have solutions to fit almost every budget.

While planning the idea of Ecommerce Website we at Tech Manos take care for following things -

  • Custom Template Design according to your decision and proposal so you ought to have your site in path like you have ever envisioned.
  • Complete Responsive site so your client can see all your items and so forth in any machine, tablet or in mobile without any issue.
  • Complete Ecommerce Solutions with undeniable administrator board and stacked with bunches of Killer peculiarities so you can have best control over the site.
  • Special gimmicks advancement according to your Business so you ought not trade off at any level simply on the grounds that your business have particular necessities.
  • Any payment gateway which suites your business will be actualized by us Payment Gateway Integration.
  • Search Engine Optimization and Brand Recognition so your prospective client can undoubtedly discover you recorded on First page of Google when they look for items which u offer
  • Hosting the site at our or your servers so you don't have to stress of the server administration and so on and concentrate on your business.
  • We’ll give you unconditional maintenance support so in case if your website ran into trouble we will be with you to get out of it.

Ecommerce Feature: Everything what you need in ecommerce

TECH MANOS delivers you fully functional, Secured and optimize ecommerce website:

  • Website
  • Domain name
  • Secure shopping cart
  • Product catalogue
  • Payment gateway
  • CRM
  • Email accounts
  • Marketing tools
  • Reporting
  • Mobile-optimized store

E Commerce Applications

We work closely with our customers from UK, US, Australia, Europe and everywhere throughout the world. We have had chances to deal with creating some difficult ecommerce web apps for many companies.

Our industry experience ranges from working with gems planners, design stores, garments, wellbeing supplies, home furnishings and fittings, mechanical items web store, clothing store, aerial shuttles, closeout place and so on.

Our success has been applauded by our clients. Our project managers and ecommerce developers work as hard as expected making sure that quality, time and communication throughout project development is handled professionally. Our Ecommerce development service is reliable and secure.

We are prepared to provide for every one of you the help you need to guarantee that your online business develops and blooms and we will be glad to be a piece of your prosperity.

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