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Our solutions integrate deep industry insights, leading technologies and future-ready processes.


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Tech Manos has complete specialization in quality management and testing combined with deep experience within the development lifecycle. This allows us to provide services that facilitate customers improve the approach they build and deploy applications.

Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing has shifted from simply detecting and preventing defects in software, to protecting the corporate image and is integral to the overall corporate strategy. Organizations today need to move towards a more complex application landscape as their end users are increasingly taking to consumerization through technologies such as cloud, mobility and analytics. In order to assure flawless user experience, assuring quality of such a complex landscape is of utmost importance.

Our Testing Service helps you improve business resilience by providing solutions that integrate deep industry insights, leading technologies and future-ready processes.

We combine our Centers of Excellence with domain-specific Testing tools, techniques and processes to:

  • Ensure rich end user experience with greater emphasis on performance and security
  • Match the pace of disruptive trends and cater to both old and new world applications
  • Provide flexibility, faster time to market and make businesses CAPEX light
  • Optimize application quality by bringing in shift-left approach to Quality Assurance and Quality Engineering

Disruptive business events, such as integrating digital into legacy systems, change in most applications, personalization and integration of channels, remediation of existing apps, archiving of legacy apps, platform migrations, etc. are changing the technology landscape of enterprises. Testing has become a mainstream activity in this new business scenario.

Tech Manos understands the significance of reliability, high resilience, and predictability of applications and products for enterprises, and their need for a business assurance partner.

The amount of duplication and inefficiency in Quality Assurance magnifies significantly if testing is considered as an end-of-life activity, due to the size and complexity of transformation programs. Enterprises that are still considering testing as an end-of-life activity run a significantly higher risk of systems failure, time and cost inefficiencies, and higher maintenance costs. They are more prone to customer dissatisfaction and lower customer retention.

Our Testing Services deliver high quality and efficient testing through proven strategies of business process-centric testing streams, a common testing phase across applications services tracks, continuous integration and validation of production ready scrum outputs across DevOps and agile programs, and business outcome analytics.

We continuously improve testing efficiency and effectiveness by leveraging our domain, frameworks, tools, and methodologies, thereby reducing time and effort spent on testing and achieving the desired business outcomes.

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Tech Manos delivers technology services and accelerates growth for many companies by solving complex business challenges with specialized innovations.More

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Our aim is to be the most trusted provider of world class IT, digital marketing and business development services.

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