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We offers mobile marketing like SMS marketing, push notifications, mobile web marketing etc.

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At Tech Manos, we have an expert mobile marketing professional team who manage entire mobile campaign from strategy outline, audience profiling, campaign design and development, right through to delivery and reporting. We provide a bespoke analysis of your mobile marketing strategy tailored to meet business needs.

Mobile marketing offers a wide range of opportunities for interacting with users on a more personal level. Today, we can address a much more specific audience according not just to age, gender and location, but also to interests and mobile browsing data, as well as other factors that give the possibility to reach a specific target segment, within a specific audience profile. New channels and platforms emerge daily, and mobile is taking a strong lead. Don’t miss out on a huge business opportunity – go mobile!

Advertising your products or services is significant for the success of your business, as it is a means of attracting your customers and thereby, increasing sales. There are several ways of advertising your business, such as through Internet, newspapers, magazines or television. But mobile marketing service is an innovative concept which involves advertising your company right on the mobile device of your potential customers.

The number of smartphone users is continuously growing and it far outnumbers PC users, which is why the possibility of reaching the audience of this channel should not be ignored. Mobile marketing creates stronger user experiences that extend beyond the standard banner ad, which can be easily overlooked on a mobile screen, which gives greater possibility to reach the targeted audience anytime, anywhere. Mobile marketing provides customers with time and location based personalized information for the promotion of goods and services. Mobile marketing is the latest technique through which businesses can attract new customers as well as retain their present customers.

Mobile marketing service is one of the best marketing techniques in the industry, as it helps in reaching out to the target customers, which may not be feasible through Internet, television or magazine advertising. Worldwide usage of mobile phones has made it easier for businesses to market their products or services right to the customers, wherever they are. We company will examine your market, understand your requirements and budget, and offer the services accordingly. We help marketers unlock new revenue by arming them with the technology and guidance they need to succeed in mobile marketing.

Types of mobile marketing campaigns

Tech Manos offers various ways of mobile marketing like SMS marketing, push notifications, mobile web marketing, app based marketing, QR codes, and location based marketing. Our main aim is to reach the goal of providing your customer with the information they want and when they need the most. We take care of everything, from your device type to handset operating system, and identify ways to get your message across to the potential customers.

Few of the campaigns:

Bulk SMS blast:

Phone numbers of potential customers are entered into a database, and a catching message is sent as SMS in bulk.

Two-way texting:

The customers who receive your blast message will also be able to reply to your post. With this service, you can also offer codes and control quizzes for your customers.

Appointment reminder:

If your customers have booked a room, table or show with you, then you can send them an appointment reminder. This will ensure that your customers are happy and your appointment will be fulfilled.

Advantages of Mobile marketing

  • Brand Awareness- Make customers aware about your brand
  • Customer Relationship Management- Stay connected with your customers
  • New Market Acquisition- Reach out first to all your potential customers

With rising number of mobile and smart-phone users, mobile marketing has become an effective way of reaching to the customers. It is the best way to stay in touch with our customer and inform them about your offerings. In this competitive world, when product and pricing cannot be much played with, reaching first to the customer is very important. Mobile marketing is a very direct and effective way of reaching to customers.

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