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Through Lead Gen. - Our client's business growth increased by 25% in 2016


Tech Manos’s B2B Appointment Setting lets you outsource the menial yet necessary steps of the typical generation process that is lead. Spending ample time and tending to the right B2B sales leads is completely essential to closing those big deals. But to be able to do that, someone needs to first go through time-consuming, frustrating cold-calling, and activities that are pre-qualifying.

Let us take care of the b2b lists and let your B2B sales team make contact with focusing on the hotter opportunities. We prospect. You near. Created for your value that is unique proposition our B2B Appointment Setting solution commonly consists of a fully-trained, committed team, vested in delivering you only sales qualified leads. All you have to do is convert them into live company discounts.

Both qualitative and quantitative with our quality-controlled and confirmed appointments, your team will benefit from improved performance.

Tailored Solutions

Tech Manos’s offerings range from the most solutions that are effective the industry, from B2B market intelligence to information quality services. But we’ll take it one step further.

Like planting a garden, you're able to find the B2B product sales leads generation services that will give your tree the strongest roots and throw the rest out. Don’t stress. You won’t hurt our feelings.

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