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94+ Leads in Cut-throat competitive market


  • The Client- Industry: Human Resources
  • Location: Qatar
  • Headquarters: Qatar

The Client is a market leading designer and developer of payroll software in Qatar.

  • Campaign Type: Lead Generation
  • Campaign Target Criteria
  • Location: GCC Market
  • Industry: All industries with 200- 500 employees
  • Decision Makers: Business Owners, Managing Directors, Finance Heads, VP & Above


The Client prides itself with a 25-year experience in providing over 10,000+ customers with low cost, simple and very effective payroll solutions. However, this market dominion was somewhat threatened when payroll system providers in Qatar offered the same or similar packages on software functionalities like Auditing, Templates, Tracking Capabilities, Costing Statistics, Pay History, Contributions and Help Desk Support, which deflated the Client’s huge number of customer database by 20%.

The competitors were seen to be quite aggressive in generating more customers, so the Client decided to combat the move by undertaking feisty initiatives like outsourcing a lead generation company who would help them look for new customers and win back those they’ve lost.


Tech Manos multi-channel marketing program was designed to help clients maximize the full potential of a well-profiled and managed database to get them in front of their target prospects with the right message, at the right time.

In the said campaign, the Client required the TM team to generate leads using two different approaches for lost customers and new targets. The generated leads were differentiated into two categories, and from which the Client customized their solution/offers:

- Prospects (new targets) who agreed to speak with the Client’s representative to discuss about the product /solution and its benefits


For this type of target customers, the TM team first started doing the research work to evaluate their current scenario & extract internal information which can be used to start the communication with them. Post which the customised lead gen process was implemented to connect with the prospects & schedule meetings with the client sales team for taking the discussion ahead.

- Lost customers who agreed to speak again with the Client’s specialists and were interested to know about new offers


For win back customers, the initial email copies included cost- and time-saving offers from the Client such as systems upgrade at the same package cost, restructured payment schemes and a sample comparative script of how their old service would look like upon return. A day after the initial copies were sent out, whether or not the prospect had opened or taken any action on the email or not, the TM team made follow-up calls to those targets and set them for office, online demo or phone appointments with the Client’s specialists.

In addition, the team incorporated a customer profiling activity during follow-up calls which made the database more accurate by updating contact information like the decision maker’s name, company name and address, contact numbers, email addresses and social media accounts.


Generated a total of 94 Leads which were all part of the 3500 Positive Contacts that included warm follow-ups. Out of the 94 Leads, 35% were win back customers.


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