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Through Lead Gen. - Our client's business growth increased by 25% in 2016


Why an Outsourcing partner?

We understand that using an outsourced partner for the first time can be daunting. You need to make sure the partner you’ve chosen can deliver a meaningful return on investment and doesn’t lock you into lengthy contracts. Tech Manos is totally flexible in how it offers service to its clients. Some of the reasons why you should consider using our company include:

  • You can undertake a ‘Pilot Program’ that enables you to try our service before committing to ongoing campaigns.
  • Our charging models are flexible.
  • Highly qualified & dedicated account managers work on your campaign.
  • Account managers who are able to hold intelligent conversations with a range of different executives.
  • Our methodology and sales techniques are tested best in the industry.

What we do?

  • We help our clients to create increase sales pipeline, improve the qualification of their business leads, and boost conversion rates throughout the sales process.
  • We make sure that our client spends more time meeting with qualified prospects rather than looking for them, or having to qualify them.
  • We make sure that our clients do what they do best – closing deals and winning new business – while we arm their sales people with an efficient, effective lead generation effort.
  • We also save our clients’ money by helping them avoid the cost of hiring, equipping, managing and motivating an in-house lead generation team.

Quality over quantity is our approach to effective B2B Lead Generation. And representing your brand, in the upmost professional manner, is of paramount importance. The quality of your prospect list is the single most important influencing factor in your marketing success because it can eliminate virtually all marketing waste. A list of well qualified prospects can be a priceless gem because if you exploit it properly it will produce tremendous amount of revenue for you from people who have a proven interest in your product or service. You can focus only on prospects who are more likely than not your primary target audience for your product or service.

Our proven lead generation process to qualify sales leads will help your company

  • Increase sales and revenue
  • Reduce costs per sale
  • Hassle Free ready sales pipeline
  • Concentrate more on your core business
  • Give your business a competitive edge!
  • Save on employee turnover and training costs
  • Control capital costs.
  • Reduce costs per new client acquisition
  • Leverage the time of your sales team.
  • Scalability to expand or retract the size of your sales team
  • Seamless representation of your company, products, and services.

B2B Lead Generation is the effective generation of business interest or enquiry into products or services. In order to successfully achieve this for you we carry out the following tried, tested and proven process:

B2B Marketing Database

We provide 98% guaranteed accurate B2B data. We can also cleanse the data or create new data matching our client requirements and criteria.

Identifying the need for the product or service

profile the identified decision maker or key influencer. Then we understand their pain points and how and why your business, product or services address these issues. We ensure we are an authority on your business and tailor our conversation for each prospect and each situation.

Preparing the conversation

Although we are a B2B lead generation company, but we do not use scripts. Why? Because scripts sound scripted! Our focus is on having intelligent, professional, friendly conversations that are natural and reactive to the person we are speaking with. Our expert B2B Lead Gen team do this on a daily basis and enjoy the challenge of finding new sales leads for our clients.

Lead Qualification Criteria

Before initiating the project, we discuss & decide the qualification criteria in advance to make sure that we share only quality & qualified leads. When we knock the door of a prospect, we make sure the right person comes out. We set you up on a talk over coffee with a decision maker or an influencer from your target market. The agenda for either a call, or an in-person meeting is pre-defined and your prospect’s calendar is blocked with the date and time. All communication history with the lead is shared with you and you get a detailed analysis on the status of the company, the background of the person you’d be speaking with.

Market Research

The biggest challenge in any industry is an ever changing technology. Hence, sales strategies keep changing. But how would you validate what markets suit you, how your target audience would respond to the need of your solution? We research this for you, not by simply compiling some generic market reports, but with real market insights and analytics derived from real data.

Lead Nurturing

What do you do with your warm and cold leads who weren’t ready to hear out your sales pitch, but never rejected you, as well? Well they’re just lying down there, eating up on your cloud space, in a fancy CRM. Our dedicated consultants work with you to craft a lead nurturing program that suits your need and gets in sync with your sales process. Intelligently segregated newsletters, micro blogging, analytics-driven custom campaigns, closed group webinars, retarget marketing are a few custom-made flavours for bringing the cold and warm back to life.

Many lead nurturing programs fail, owing to the lack of focus and eventually ending up as routine tasks. No, they’re not tasks, it’s a not a volume game, it’s an intelligence-driven art that needs perseverance and consistence.

Use Digital Marketing for Lead Nurturing

The Modern Marketing B2B lead generation process begins much earlier in the buying cycle than it used to. As a prospect engages with the organization, the education process can move into lead nurturing. By providing valuable content over time, the marketer will be able to remain top-of-mind and slowly educate the prospect on key considerations for the purchase decision.

If you think LinkedIn is all about job postings, random connections, un-utilized network and participating in ‘solve if you’re a genius’ game, then you haven’t yet discovered the potential of LinkedIn. We run targeted LinkedIn campaigns for our clients for maximising the lead funnel.


We share regular status reports with our clients during the campaign to give them the visibility of the efforts our team puts in along with the challenges team is facing while the prospecting to make sure

Complete Support

On client’s behalf we constantly monitor performance. We keep in constant contact with our client to ensure quality is being maintained and any issues are quickly addressed

Why Outsourcing Entire B2B lead generation to Tech Manos

Tech Manos has the ability to change your entire B2B lead generation requirements. As we are finding that companies no longer want to manage their own sales leads environments. The costs involved in staffing, responding to incoming enquiries, direct mail, client management and data list management can be prohibitive.

In addition, our clients can evaluate the benefit in having their sales team solely focused on closing qualified opportunities, as opposed to prospecting. We have an expert Lead Gen team who helps our clients to manage the most complex of requirements. We can manage your entire incoming enquiry including email, phone, advertising response, and call to action requirements.

Ready to take your business to new heights

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